After a less than restful flight to Bangkok, a family nap was in order. And we all woke feeling a little less jaded and started to let the holiday feeling creep in, albeit the anticipation was entwined with a bit of anxiety as to what the future might hold for little our family, now that we’d left our home and past lives back in London and were about to make the first steps into our new nomadic life in Thailand. So we set our starving selves on a mission to find some good Thai grub to fuel the excitement.

From previous trips to Bangkok, I was looking forward to sitting on some old plastic stools on the side of an incessantly busy street and eating a freshly tossed som tum (green papaya salad – less the fish sauce and dried shrimps) and stir fried noodles. But then I remembered that our lives are not what they used to be – suddenly the charm of a shabby street stall evaporated with the realisation of the effort it would take to eat there with an ever-on-the-go toddler, hyped up on new surroundings.

So we opted to do the previously unthinkable and eat at a very nice restaurant in a small shopping centre, where we could take turns chasing said toddler round a water fountain.First Thai Feast July 16

While I might have been disappointed initially, the amount of conversation that was taken up mmming about the food, and the all-important parental peace of mind, were testament to how life moves on and things are “same same but different” (to coin a well versed Thai saying) when you move from two to three plus in the family. Who needs a hot, bustling Bangkok street anyway, when you have a delighted babe slurping down noodles?