During our first couple of days in Bangkok we’d only explored as far as we could push a pram to from our apartment (not very far in the heavy heat). But after the ease of hopping in a taxi with our car seat to get to the hospital, we felt as though we’d outgrown our clipped wings and decided to venture further afield for dinner. So we consulted trusty Happy Cow and chose a highly reviewed vegan restaurant – May Veggie Home.

May Veggie Vegan Sweet and Sour June 16And what a great choice it was! I’ve always been dubious of meat substitutes (after a bad all-you-can-eat veggie buffet experience in London years back). But these meat and fish substitutes were on a different level!

We had sweet and sour tempura battered mushrooms to die for, an amazing Penang ‘fish’ curry, and some nuggets (actually meant to be fried vegetarian fish) that got the dubious toddler stamp of approval! The sight of her merrily May Veggie Vegan Nuggets June 16chomping on nuggets while stuffing my own face with delicious Thai food, where we hadn’t even had to stress “no egg” and “no fish sauce” was what vegan mummy dreams are made of! 🙂

Bring on this new life!